The Lobby Coffee in the Sluice Box

609 main Street, Idaho city, ID 83631
609 main Street, Idaho city, ID 83631
The Lobby Coffee is located at the end of main Street inside the iconic sluice box antique/thrift store. The coffee shop serves sophisticated beverages and fully loaded bagel breakfast sandwiches in a quaint relaxed setting. Offering traditional espresso drinks as well as the latest caffeinated trends. Our baristas are skilled in creating drinks to satisfy your cravings with 56 flavorings and drink specials daily.
Feeling lazy or just can’t slip away from work? TLC delivers in Idaho City! In the winter, warm your insides with a hot tea, hot chocolate or hot white coffee latte while sitting in a cozy corner with a spectacular view down main street. In spring and summer grab a cold brew, fizzie or ice tea and head out to the backyard seating. Perfect opportunity to grab a tasty treat and look around at all the antiques and the uniqueness of the sluice box.. Definitely lots of options to fuel your mountain adventures.
Year-round everyday is better with a little TLC.


Monday 7AM – 4PM

Tuesday 7AM – 4PM

Wednesday CLOSED 

Thursday 7AM – 4PM

Friday 7AM – 4PM

Saturday 7AM – 4PM

Sunday 7AM – 4PM