Sage to Sawtooth Bushcraft

Idaho City 

412 S King Ave Suite 105, Middleton, ID 83644

As we looked for skills, wisdom, knowledge, and information about the art of Bushcraft using the resources of the Intermountain Northwest, we found a surprisingly limited amount of information on the web. Our founder, Clinton Miner, being a bit obsessed with all things outdoors decided to remedy this by sharing both how he learns new skills and what he learns along the way. You can find this sharing in our products, our videos, our blogs, and (Coming Soon!!) classes we offer.

Our Story

It all started with a trip to a museum in Price, Utah. There was a diorama of native American life there that included cordage made of natural materials. Clinton came back to Idaho and went to YouTube (the giver of all knowledge) and started looking. What he found was information from around the United States and around the world but very little relating to the Sage Brush and Pine environment we enjoy so much. His search lead him to try many new things, learning what works and what does not. His experience of trial and error is your advantage as he shares that knowledge with you in products, videos, blogs, photos, and classes.