204 Main St Idaho City, Idaho 83631


A unique gathering place where family and friends connect, hops mingle with grapes and the mountains enjoy a taste of the sea. 

As the evolution continues at 204 Main Street, we are proud to introduce BoCo Social. BoCo Collectibles opened in this location in 2014 as an art gallery featuring vintage furniture, and various collectibles as well as our Idaho City 1862 souvenir line. AS the season wound down in 2021 a stage area with seating was built along with a commercial kitchen. 

Our unique menu focuses on chilled seafood, fresh ingredients, and tasty items where everyone will find something that will appeal to them. Our eclectic offerings include shrimp, smoked salmon, and blue crab as well as chicken or Tex Mex burritos, salads, charcuterie, and quality sausages for you to enjoy as you relax and unwind in the majestic Boise national forest. 

BoCo Social features a creative wine list that includes both approachable and sophisticated selections with prices that are too good to be true. Be sure to check out the discounts offered on bottles to take home with you to enjoy the next time friends and family stop by. A multitude of ice-cold beer options will tempt every brew lover’s palate. Enjoy casual dining in the gallery featuring works from the master Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall and other notable artists, on the deck with a view of the mountain beauty, or in the stage area while playing games with newfound best friends. 

Eat, Drink, Unwind.